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Auditions: Sunset Village

On Sunday November 6 @ 6 pm, Amelia Musical Playhouse will hold auditions for Sunset Village.

The play will be presented February 16-19 , 4 shows

* Auditions will consist of cold readings from sides (no monologues required.


Edna Wilson: Mid 60s woman, a recent widow from a 47 year marriage to the only man she had ever kissed. She has a youthful face and the spry demeanor of a much younger woman.

Mr. Midnight (Joe): Late 60s to early 70s man with a luxurious head of hair and the swagger of a man possessed of abundant self confidence.

Great Grandma Carolyne: A woman in her 80s. She walks with the use of a cane but is prone to bursts of incongruous agility. Quick to anger with a thirst for vengeance if crossed.

Louise Albright: a woman in her late 60s who looks her age and doesn’t try to hide it. She is irascible and stubborn in a down-to-earth way.

Mikayla Fox: A vivacious woman in the community who will never tell her real age, though her obvious plastic surgery and heavy makeup fail a little more each day at hiding her physical decline. Even her name has been altered to give the appearance of youth.

Norma Blaine: An early 60s swinger in a happy open marriage with her dentist husband who is never seen or heard from during the play.

Andrea Watson: A real estate agent in her late 30s to early 40s. She is an ambitious woman with a kind heart and poor taste in men.

Tommy Miller: A man in his late 20s to early 30s, handsome and charming. He works a variety of service jobs in the Villages. He is popular with his customers and wise beyond his years.

For further information contact the director Jeff Goldberg at