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Auditions: Dastardly Deeds at Harmony House

Auditions for the musical melodrama “Dastardly Deeds at Harmony House” will be held on Tuesday, May 31at 6 pm at Amelia Musical Playhouse.

Thank you to Amelia Island Escape Rooms for sponsoring the show!

This is the story of a villain trying to hoodwink a slew of investors with a bogus tin mine in the canyons above Orange County, Ca. It is also the story of the Irish judge that made San Juan Capistrano his home and the world famous actress that many of those canyons were renamed to honor…a story of dreamers and schemers, heroes and villains.  

Audition Requirements:
Those auditioning will be reading from the script and may prepare a short song. Not all parts require singing and there are several audience sing-a-longs within the show. 

A. Hennessey…Traveling from Ireland and crossing the continent working for the railroad to find a new life.
B. Heather-Anne-Colleen…Hennessey’s true love left behind and who longs to join him in California.
C. Paige Turner…Reminds audiences to join in the fun by holding up cue cards..Also optionally acts in the role of Narrator.
D. Trudy Lite…A pianist who brings the melodramatic antics to life as she tinkles the old west style tunes.  
E. The Judge…The unofficial King of San Juan, repository of common sense, and owner of Harmony Hall.
F. Grover Woods…Local landowner, gambler, and friend of The Judge. Grover’s dad used to own half the county.
G. Tennessee…A mine worker who enjoys a good game of cards; Hennessey’s friend and a southern gentleman.
H. Tim Burr…Local prospector and fur trapper living out in the hills of San Juan; long time friend of the judge.
I. Madame M…The accomplished Polish actress who has made Orange County her home.
J. Professor Mack-Intosh…An opportunistic con man who has been selling shares in his bogus tin mine.
K. Claire Voyant…Former Soothsayer and wife of the Professor, becoming disenchanted with his larcenous ways.
L. Dina Mite…The youthful, brave, and daring explosives expert for the Macintosh mine.
Hero and Villain Melodramas
From the main page navigate to the scripts. You are able to peruse as much as you want.