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Auditions: Gilligan’s Island the Musical

Auditions will be held for the Amelia Musical Playhouse production of Gilligan’s Island the Musical, based on the iconic 1960’s sitcom.  Auditions will be at the Playhouse on Monday, December 14, at 6:00 pm.  Video auditions can be sent to director Jill Dillingham if you prefer, through Facebook, or you may schedule an audition if you cannot make it on the 14th. Scheduled auditions must be prior to 12/14. Auditions will consist of a reading or monologue in the style of the character you wish to play, as well as 1 minute of a song of your choice.  The characters are exactly like the ones in the TV show:  Gilligan, the Skipper, Mr. & Mrs. Howell, Ginger, The Professor, and Maryanne.  There is also an Alien.

Show dates are February 4,5,6,11,12,13 & a twilight show 2/14.  Rehearsals will be scheduled according to the convenience of the actors.  These performances will be held on our outdoor stage.  Mask-wearing and social distancing will be observed as long as is necessary.

Amelia Musical Playhouse, 1955 Island Walkway, Fernandina Beach, FL 904-277-3455.