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Mamma Mia! Auditions

Minimum age for the show and the ensemble: 16

Director: Beth Perkins
Music Director: Jill Dillingham
Choreographer: Zoë Thompson

12 shows; opens on January 9th 2020 and closes January 26th 2020


Wednesday, October 2nd 2019 at 6pm

  • Please be prepared to sing a minute of a song- preferably from the show of the character you are auditioning for but you may sing a song of your choice if desired.
  • If auditioning for the ensemble, you may sing any song you would like.
  • You will be reading excerpts from the script.
  • You will also be required to dance a small routine prepared by our choreographer at auditions


DONNA SHERIDAN – Sophie’s mother, owner of the hotel Villa Donna, and wife of Sam at the end.

SOPHIE SHERIDAN – Donna’s headstrong 20 year old daughter and Sky’s fiance’.

SAM CARMICHAEL – a New York architect who regrets leaving Donna.

HARRY BRIGHT – Today, a respected banker. Back in the day, known to Donna as “Head Banger.”

BILL AUSTIN – A well known travel writer and adventurer, but is afraid of making a commitment.

SKY – Sophie’s fiance’. A former stockbroker who later moved to the island.

ROSIE MULLIGAN – One of Donna’s friends who was part of her band. She is an author of cookbooks.

TANYA CHESHAM-LEIGH – Another of Donna’s friends, she has married three times, but has never quite found the right man.

PEPPER – One of Donna’s employees who catches the eye of Tanya.

EDDIE – With Pepper is the bar-staff, waiter, boatman, and general help around the island.

ALI – One of Sophie’s oldest friends that was invited to the wedding.

LISA – Another of Sophie’s friends coming for the wedding.

FATHER ALEXANDRIOS – The minister of the island who almost marries Sophie & Sky, and ends up marrying Donna & Sam.

*PLUS ENSEMBLE MEMBERS of varying ages and genders.*

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