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Auditions: The BARDY Bunch

THE BARDY BUNCH: the war of the families Brady and Partridge

This new musical situation comedy of errors was hailed as “Irresistible” but the New York Times.  In the summer of 1974, the Brady and Partridge families, recently canceled by ABC and no longer under America’s watchful eye, met in a blood-soaked, passion-filled, vengeance-fueled, very special episode of Shakespearean proportions.

Show dates are April 11-21, 2024


  • Mike Brady:  Male 40-50 Father of the Brady clan, slowly slipping into madness because of a guilty conscience. 
  • Carol Brady:  40-50 maternal and loving, determined to break free of confining role of housewife 
  • Greg   @ 18- eldest son. self confident   solos
  • Peter – @ 14 youthful and fun-loving until tragedy strikes, then ruled by vengeance   
  • Bobby  @ 10 impish and inquisitive  
  • Marcia – @ 17-18, self-absorbed and romantic
  • Jan  –  @ 15 insecure, desperate for attention
  • Cindy – @  6-10 Naive and precocious, unbearable LISP
  • Alice – 40-60 Loopy but lovable family housekeeper
  • Mr. Phillips  50-70 – authoritative and imposing
  • Sam the Butcher – 40-60 Boyfriend of Alice
  • Cousin Oliver – precocious and obnoxious, reveals his true identity as a sinister force
  • Shirley Partridge –   40-50 Maternal and doting
  • Keith Partridge – 18-19 teen idol charm, hopeless romantic
  • Laurie Partridge – 17-18 liberal, strong-willed, victim of teen angst
  • Danny Partridge – 12-15 wise-cracking middle brother
  • Chris Partridge I  9-10 spiteful and manipulative, determined to take over as band’s bassist
  • Chris Partridge II Must look completely different that Chris Partridge I, determined to take over as band’s bassist
  • Tracy Partridge  7-8 – fairly oblivious, follows her brother everywhere
  • Reuben Kincaid – outwardly confident and snarky

For auditions, come prepared with one minute of a song of your choice, and a one minute monologue, which does not need to be memorized.  

Auditions are held at AMP MONDAY, JANUARY 8 at 6:00 pm.  If you are unable to make this date, you may schedule an earlier audition or send in a video audition. For details, contact the director, Jill Dillingham at [email protected], or call AMP at 904-277-3455.