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Sponsor a Show!

Sponsor a show your family loves – or one that matches your company’s values. 
Contact Jill Dillingham at [email protected] or (904) 277-3455 for more information.

$400 for musicals and $300 for plays

One of the most frequently asked questions at the Playhouse is: “Do you have to pay for the shows you put on?” Yes, we do! Licensing costs can range from $500 for short plays to $5,000 for musicals.

Businesses and families like yours help defray these costs so we can invest in the costumes, sets, props, and lighting that audiences love!

With a sponsorship your name will appear:

  • In an insert to the show’s program (up to 100 audience members will see it each night).
  • In a special social media post the day before opening night.
  • In the director’s speech before every performance.
  • At your promotional table in the AMP lobby before every performance. 
  • In every e-mail to our mailing list (1,000+ people).
  • In every social media promotion (3,600+ Facebook fans, 1,0000+ Instagram followers).
  • On posters, announcements, and newspaper ads.
  • On our website – forever!

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