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AMP Coronavirus Response

Dear audiences, friends and performers,

If you’ve felt any concerns about attending shows due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please read what Amelia Musical Playhouse is doing to protect your health and safety.

You make this wonderful community theatre possible. Each and every one of you is on my mind as AMP takes the following precautions:

+ Installing permanent new germ- and virus-killing UV light kits in all A/C duct work.
+ Sanitizing all seats, surfaces and stage equipment after every single use.
+ Maintaining 1 meter of separation between the audience and performers. (Sadly, this means the actors will no longer do an reception line greeting audience members after performances).
+ Providing ample soap and sanitizer in all bathrooms.
+ Reminding the cast, crew and band to wash their hands more often than usual and stay home if they’re sick.
+ Canceling the free snacks you usually enjoy in the lobby. This will be reinstated as soon as it’s safe. The cash bar will remain open!
+ Monitoring the CDC’s updates and doing everything they recommend.

These precautions will last the entire run of FOLLIES (March 13-21) and throughout JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (April 2-5) and future shows as needed. Some shows may move outdoors to give you an even safer open-air experience!

Questions? Please call 904-277-3455 or email [email protected].

Discover more information and local COVID-19 resources here:

Jill and Gregg Dillingham
Owners, Amelia Musical Playhouse